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Monday, 7 October 2019

Different Improved breeds of Indian cattle

Different Improved breeds of Indian cattle Facts

Different Improved breeds of Indian cattle on Nikhiljob
Cattle On Nikhiljob

Cattle mainly include cow, bull, oxen, goat, sheep etc. The females of the species provide milk, which in turn contribute animals protein to the diet of people. While the female species of these cattle are used for milk, the male species play animportant role in the agricultural economy by providing labour, meat and hide. 

Milk itself is taken in many forms like ghee, curd, butter and cheese etc. The excreta of these animals (dung) is used as manure, in biogas and as fuel. There are several important breeds of cattle in India and abroad.

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1. Milk yielding animals
What is a breed ?
A breed is a group of one species of animals, which have the same descent and
are similar in body shape, size and structure.

Categories of Important breeds:
There is following three categories
1. Indian breeds 2. Exotic Breeds 3. Improved breeds

(a) Indian Breeds
Gir, Sahiwal, Red Sindhi, Thararkar, Kankrej etc. are some high yielding varieties of Indian cattle
1 Indian breeds of high milk yielding

(b) Exotic Breeds (Imported breeds)
Hilstein, Friesian, Jersey, Swiss etc. are some of the high yielding varieties that have been imported from abroad and reared widely in India.

(c) Improved breeds of Indian cattle
Certain improved breeds have been developed by making a cross between two desired breeds. A cross between Sahiwal and Friesian varieties has been named as Friewal, Karan Swiss is another improved breed for milk production in large quantities.

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